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  • Susan Peacock

Watercress Green Greatness Smoothie

Watercress, this cruciferous vegetable, has so many health benefits you shouldn't let the bitter taste keep you from enjoying how beneficial it is for your body.

If you don't like the taste, add other greens and fruit to mask the bitter flavor.

In fact, it is the bitter flavor that makes this little phytochemical vegetable so good.

It contains, Calcium, Iron, Folate, Magnesium and Phosphorus, along with the alphabet of vitamins: A, B12, C and K.

This powerhouse of a vegetable helps guard against many cancers especially breast cancer.

It has been shown to maintain the health of the thyroid and protect against chronic   cardiovascular disease.  Additionally, it has been shown to maintain bone health and lower the risk of depression.

 Initially, just try a few sprigs to get used to it. I like adding mint or cucumber to freshen the flavor. You can always add protein powder to make it a meal replacer.

Watercress (a few sprigs to start and add to taste)

Spinach - ½ cup

Kale - ½ cup

½ cup - raspberries or any fruit,  & ½ of a medium banana.

2 oz. - juice of your liking with water

¼ of a small cucumber

A few sprigs of mint.

Whirl in a blender till smooth. Enjoy your Greatness!

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