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Remote Support Groups

It is proven that Bariatric Patients who attend support groups after their surgery have more success with their weight loss as well as success keeping off their weight the rest of their life.


This is good news for your Center because when you have happy, successful patients they talk about the good news and that means more patients for you. If your center offers a Support Group for your patients, they may not attend or are unable to participate in because they do not live in proximity of the office.


Bariatric Registered Dietitian Services has a solution: No matter whether your patients are local or fly in for the surgery from other locations, your center can offer them a support group they can attend monthly via phone or computer.


At Bariatric Registered Dietitian Services, we provide support groups for your office exclusively, provided by Video Conferencing with Susan Peacock a Registered Dietitian.


It is as easy as deciding what date and time you would like per month for your office and Bariatric Registered Dietitian Services will do the rest.

Each patient you invite will receive a link for the Support Group. They sign up and get a notification that they are in the group and will get reminders via email and text about the group.


You can have more than one per month and change the date and time as you see fit to accommodate as many patients as possible.


If you would like Susan to provide a specific topic for your Support Group, that is possible as well.


Provide the best care for all your patients by offering a post-Bariatric Surgery Support Group with a Registered Dietitian. Support groups help patients through difficulties they may be having by providing a community of patients that offer ideas and suggestions as well and makes each patient empowered to take on their new life.


Contact us today to sign your center up for remote support groups.






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