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Consultant for Gastric Bypass, Sleeve and Lap Band Procedure

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As a Registered Dietitian I am a consultant for Gastric Bypass patients who are considering Gastric Bypass, the Sleeve or the Lap Band Procedure.

I feel obligated to my Bariatric patients that I relay the philosophy: Take care of your body, that very precious body and treat it with the utmost respect by providing yourself with a healthy lifestyle.  This is especially true after you have made one of the most important decisions in your life: To have weight loss surgery.  I want to make sure for each and every one of my patients that I help them implement that philosophy.

My Services


Connecting with my patients is key. This is what happens during our initial consultation to find out what your dreams and concerns about your weight loss are and how I can guide you to align those desires and minimize your concerns for a successful weight loss surgery.

Personalized Plan

Depending on the procedure, you are going to have a personalized plan will be designed just for you. This will provide the best opportunity for you to move through the phases of pre-op and post-op menu planning.


My aim is to have all results lead to a successful weight loss for my patients' post-surgery. I also offer guidance on how to maintain your weight loss, along with increasing your health for the rest of your life. Guidance is always available post surgery when you need it.

Featured Packages 

I am offering two featured packages for those interesting in bariastic Surgery.  This program was created to give you answers to your questions as well as providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions, navigate through the pre and post op eating program and get you ready for your new Healthy Lifestyle.  Sign up today!

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Are you thinking of Bariatric Surgery?
*without private session
Thinking of Bariatric Surgery ... talk to a Reg. Dietitian


"I have read in chat rooms that if a patient is not compliant with pre and post surgery there may be complications or not experiencing the weight loss you expected.  Susan helped and guided me through the surgery so I was able to loose the weight I wanted. Thank you Susan for helping me change my life.. "

-- Kari, Anthens Ohio

" Susan is easy to work with and, calmed my fears about the surgery and answered all my questions no matter how many I had. She guided me with solutions to my concerns and made me feel comfortable with the surgery and the changes I had to make. "

-- Erika Toreen, Bristol England

"I have colleagues who have that the same weight loss surgery as I have but did not have dietary guidance. They were having trouble with pain and not loosing their weight. Have a bariatric dietitian like Susan was invaluable for my weight loss success. Thanks so much.." 

-- Jerry, Loxahatchee Florida

"I found Susan to be very personable and easy to talk to. She understood my problem and I was able to avoid more medication through her suggestion she provided me on how to deal with my high cholesterol. "

-- Janet Sanchez,  Miami, Florida

" I really learned a lot and you made me look at my health in a much bigger light. I would also like to say, my consult  with Susan was  like a college level seminar quality of a presentation"

-- Bob Migliorisi, West Palm Beach, Florida

"Thank goodness I found Susan to help me with my celiac problem. She helped me learn about the disease and plan menus so I know what to eat and feel so much better. Thanks Susan." 

-- Veronica Stable, Cincinnati, Ohio

10-DAYS of Education and Guidance along with individual time with Susan Peacock MSRD to reach your weight loss goals! Learn how to keep your weight off!


  • Loose your excess weight by reseting your stomach.

  • Learn why you may have gained the weight and what you need to do to keep it off.

  • One-One time with Susa to fine tune your individual situation.

  • Recipes and ideas to make it easy to keep the weight off.

  • Resources to help you stay on track.


Susan Peacock MS RDN

Bariatric Surgery Info

Patient Interview - Laura

Susan speaks with her patient Laura about the ups and downs of the Bariatric process.

Dr. Tara Jungersen Ph.D., LMHC, CCMHC, NCC

Chair and Associate Professor of the Department of Counseling

Dr. Kahlil Shillingford MD PA

Specializes in Advanced Laparoscopic and Obesity Surgery

Patient Interview - Nancy

Susan speaks with her patient Nancy about the ups and downs of the Bariatric process.


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